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We love what we do here at Mania Inc. and would really love you to give us a hand. Please donate to our cause and help us reach our goals. We do all we can to create content consistently and to do it in a way that ensures high quality and engagement with our audience. However, we find ourselves restricted by the lack of finances. As a result, we need all the help we can get and a big part of that is the donations that our readers make. We appreciate all those who have donated so far and are keen to ensure that all the donations we get go into supporting Mania Inc. and all its blogs and channels. Mania Inc. is a growing organization and we believe that our growth is directly linked to the support our readers extend to us. Thank you for being part of Mania Inc. and God bless.

 How to Donate

1. Donate Button

You can donate through the ‘Donate’ button below. Click on the button and either select a specified amount or set your preferred amount to donate. Proceed to enter your details. Note: Your payment details will not be accessible to Mania Inc. in any way. On the payment gateway, you will only deal with Paypal. On the donate screen you will find an email: [email protected] This email is ours and we are working to provide a branded payment gateway. All your payment data is handled by Paypal and is therefore safe. You can also tick the box below the amount to choose to make a recurring donation to Mania Inc. We encourage those who can to continually support us through a monthly donation. A monthly donation will go a long way to support our efforts and you cancel the recurring donation anytime.

2. Donate on Linktree

You can also donate by going to David Mania’s Linktree: David Mania is the owner and C.E.O of Mania Inc. and will handle the disbursement of donations towards efforts to grow Mania Inc. On Linktree, donate using the first link ‘Support Mania Inc.’ The link will provide another payment gateway. Here you may also choose from the set amounts or input an amount of your choosing. Paypal will also handle the payments here and your payment information is safe.


3. Join Our Patreon Community

Another way to donate is to join our Patreon Community on On Patreon, you can choose several packages which are essentially tiered subscriptions. When you join our Patreon community you can also enjoy numerous benefits including Live Chats with our team, Discord benefits, and free merchandise as per your chosen tier.

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We are very grateful for your support. Mania Inc. was created for readers and audiences who consume our content. We are therefore very grateful that you have continually been part of our audience and grown with us all through our journey. Your donation will make a huge difference and we are glad we can count on your support. Thank you very much and God bless.